Special inspection: The step of success

Special inspection: The step of success

Special inspections are a fundamental aspect of the construction process, which allows us to turn the work into an agreement on the plans and results in all the building codes and in the New York Department of Buildings. Construction works which applications were submitted on July 1, 2008 or later.

These are the work carried out by the special inspectors who are in charge of the materials,the equipment, the installation, the manufacture, the assembly or the selection of the components and the connections with the documents of the construction and the reference standards required in the Chapter 17 and Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code (elsewhere in the Construction Code or its reference standards).

These inspections required by the code are usually paid directly by the owner to an Specialized Agency. However, the code does not require that the structural engineer of record (SEOR) be responsible for any of the inspections, their active participation in them helps to reduce the risk and ensure the success of a construction.

Do not forget that the contractors and others responsible for the execution of a work project are professional and highly qualified people, but there will always be the risk that the subtleties of the designs become unnoticed by the human eye, so it is not uncommon
for occur defects of the construction that, once covered, are not detectable but in time.

When a SEOR performs the special inspections for the project that he designed, it is easy to find what is done wrong and correct it, and contractors will make an effort to minimize errors, for these reasons, his presence during the process is very beneficial in reducing costs and reduces the risks of any construction.

In Tecno Obras Consulting Group, we are able to assume each stage of the project with a global vision. Ask about our Special Inspection services and make sure your investment in time and money is worth it.

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