Venezuela / USA — New York Division Launched 2010


Since 2010, Tecno Obras has been helping build spaces to develop different communities in the U.S. The company was founded in 1999 in Caracas, Venezuela, and eleven years later moved its headquarters to New York. Our mission has always been to provide professional engineering solutions to various market sectors, always taking into consideration time and budget. Now, in 2020, we are proudly licensed in 8 states of the U.S., and we are also certified Special Inspectors accredited by the NYC Department of Buildings. When a company decides to move to another country, one of its main challenges is to find new clients and build trust in order to maintain the relationship. We want to give a special "thank you" to Façade Technology, Enclos, Klimer, and Force Installations, who have supported us since the beginning, and for their unwavering trust in our team of experts over the past 10 years. And to all the clients that have joined us along the way…THANK YOU.

One of the things that makes Tecno Obras stand out is the high-quality service that our employees provide. We respect our clients, their different points of view, and their projects. Communication is a big part of how we operate, which we attribute to our secret power: Women. We are one of the very few companies in the industry whose team is comprised mostly of professional, respectful, and outstanding women. We are very proud of everyone, and we want to continue making a big impact in the AEC industry.

At Tecno Obras, we believe in the power of change. We are living in an era of ever-changing technology, global communication, and social media – where “news” is forgotten in minutes. Flexibility, and the ability to adapt, is what keeps a company running in this decade. As Engineering Developers and Special Inspectors, we see ourselves in the next several years expanding across the country and helping develop more communities in a safe and sustainable space.We want to match our brand with how we are evolving and improving in this era — with new ideas and bigger challenges, but always believing in our motto, "Dream Big, Build Safe." This is our commemoration of the past 10 years. Thank you!